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Excel Basic: 8 hours, $180.00
1. The Fundamentals
  • Starting Excel
  • Understanding the Excel Program Screen
  • Using Menus
  • Using Toolbars and Creating a New Workbook
  • Filling Out Dialog Boxes
  • Keystroke and Right Mouse Button Shortcuts
  • Opening a Workbook
  • Saving a Workbook
  • Moving the Cell Pointer
  • Navigating a Worksheet
  • Entering Labels in a Worksheet
  • Entering Values in a Worksheet and Selecting a Cell Range
  • Calculating Value Totals with AutoSum
  • Entering Formulas
  • Using AutoFill
  • Previewing and Printing a Worksheet
  • Getting Help from the Office Assistant
  • Changing the Office Assistant and Using the "What's This" Button
  • Closing a Workbook and Exiting Excel

2. Editing a Workbook

  • Entering Date Values and using AutoComplete
  • Editing, Clearing, and Replacing Cell Contents
  • Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Cells
  • Moving and Copying Cells with Drag and Drop
  • Collecting and Pasting Multiple Items
  • Working with Absolute and Relative Cell References
  • Using the Paste Special Command
  • Inserting and Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columns
  • Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat
  • Checking Your Spelling
  • Finding and Replacing Information
  • Advanced Printing Options
  • File Management
  • Inserting Cell Comments
  • Understanding Smart Tags
  • Recovering Your Workbooks

3. Formatting a Worksheet

  • Formatting Fonts with the Formatting Toolbar
  • Formatting Values
  • Adjusting Row Height and Column Width
  • Changing Cell Alignment
  • Adding Borders
  • Applying Colors and Patterns
  • Using the Format Painter
  • Using AutoFormat
  • Creating a Custom Number Format
  • Creating, Applying, and Modifying a Style
  • Formatting Cells with Conditional Formatting
  • Merging Cells, Rotating Text, and using AutoFit
  • Finding and Replacing Formatting
Excel Advanced: 8 hours, $180.00

4. Creating and Working with Charts

  • Creating a Chart
  • Moving and Resizing a Chart
  • Formatting and Editing Objects in a Chart
  • Changing a Chart's Source Data
  • Changing a Chart Type and Working with Pie Charts
  • Adding Titles, Gridlines, and a Data Table
  • Formatting a Data Series and Chart Axis
  • Annotating a Chart
  • Working with 3-D Charts
  • Selecting and Saving a Custom Chart
  • Using Fill Effects

5. Managing Your Workbooks

  • Switching Between Sheets in a Workbook
  • Renaming and Moving Worksheets
  • Working with Several Workbooks and Windows
  • Splitting and Freezing a Window
  • Referencing External Data
  • Creating Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
  • Specifying a Print Area and Controlling Page Breaks
  • Adjusting Page Margins and Orientation
  • Adding Print Titles and Gridlines
  • Changing the Paper Size and Print Scale
  • Protecting a Worksheet
  • Hiding Columns, Rows and Sheets
  • Viewing a Worksheet and Saving a Custom View
  • Working with Templates
  • Consolidating Worksheets

6. More Functions and Formulas

  • Formulas with Several Operators and Cell Ranges
  • Using the Insert Function Feature
  • Creating and Using Range Names
  • Selecting Nonadjacent Ranges and Using Auto Calculate
  • Using the IF Function to Create Conditional Formulas
  • Using the PMT Function
  • Displaying and Printing Formulas
  • Fixing Formula Errors
  • Mathematical Functions (Reference)
  • Financial Functions (Reference)
  • Date and Time Functions (Reference)
  • Statistical Functions (Reference)
  • Database Functions (Reference)

7. Working with Lists

  • Creating a List
  • Using the Data Form to Add Records
  • Finding Records
  • Deleting Records
  • Sorting a List
  • Filtering a List with the AutoFilter
  • Creating a Custom AutoFilter
  • Filtering a List with an Advanced Filter
  • Copying Filtered Records
  • Using Data Validation

8. Automating Tasks with Macros

  • Recording a Macro
  • Playing a Macro and Assigning a Macro a Shortcut Key
  • Adding a Macro to a Toolbar
  • Editing a Macro's Visual Basic Code
  • Inserting Code in an Existing Macro
  • Declaring Variables and Adding Remarks to VBA Code
  • Prompting for User Input
  • Using the If…Then…Else Statement

9. Working with Other Programs

  • Inserting an Excel Worksheet into a Word Document
  • Modifying an Inserted Excel Worksheet
  • Inserting a Linked Excel Chart in a Word Document
  • Inserting a Graphic into a Worksheet
  • Opening and Saving Files in Different Formats

10. Using Excel with the Internet

  • Adding and Working with Hyperlinks
  • Browsing Hyperlinks and using the Web Toolbar
  • Saving a Workbook as a Non-Interactive Web Page
  • Saving a Workbook as an Interactive Web Page
  • Import an External Data Source
  • Refresh a Data Source and Set Data Source Properties
  • Create a New Web Query

11. Data Analysis and PivotTables

  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Specifying the Data a PivotTable Analyzes
  • Changing a PivotTable's Calculation
  • Selecting What Appears in a PivotTable
  • Grouping Dates in a PivotTable
  • Updating a PivotTable
  • Formatting and Charting a PivotTable
  • Creating Subtotals
  • Using Database Functions
  • Using Lookup Functions
  • Grouping and Outlining a Worksheet

12. What-If Analysis

  • Defining a Scenario
  • Creating a Scenario Summery Report
  • Using a One and Two-Input Data Table
  • Understanding Goal Seek
  • Using Solver

13. Advanced Topics

  • Hiding, Displaying, and Moving Toolbars
  • Customizing Excel's Toolbars
  • Creating a Custom AutoFill List
  • Changing Excel's Options
  • Password Protecting a Workbook
  • File Properties and Finding a File
  • Sharing a Workbook and Tracking Changes
  • Merging and Revising a Shared Workbook


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